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You're the PROfessional.Estimate the cost of your home renovation or repair projects today.

Specific project costs Thousands of repair and remodel line items 1 click remodel libraries

You know the details of your home repair or remodel project better than anyone else. Why not be able to estimate your project's cost based on your exact project details? The Bluebook PROject Estimator provides you with an easy to use interface allowing you to detail your entire project item by item and estimate a fair price based on your location... and you can get started now for FREE.

DIY Pricing Included!
Estimate total project costs both for having someone perform the work and for doing it yourself!

Estimated costs for your project. No ranges or averages.

Repair and remodel estimation easy as 1. 2. 3.

1. Search and Add Items

Search either by filtering through categories or by typing in keywords. Once you find and select your item, the system will suggest related items for you to select.

2. Determine Quantity

Enter your quantities or use the area calculator to help determine square footage of walls, ceilings, floors and perimeter. The system updates your price after every adjustment.

View Your Estimate

One click lets you view your professional updated estimate with all your costs detailed out by the line item. Now you have a fair estimate to compare to any quotes you get for your project.

The competition just doesn’t measure up

Let's be honest, the other guys are all about introducing you to a contractor first and not about giving you information about what your project should cost. Bluebooking your project first gives you an estimated cost and knowledge to help you better plan and negotiate costs.

The Bluebook PRO Estimator can be used on any device that has internet connection